featured in the top ten worship albums of 2016
Your secret weapon for spiritual victory...
These songs allow us to dwell on the unshakable and eternal nature of God...leading us to the throne room in worship. 
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  • International singer, songwriter, and worship leader
  • Recorded two full length albums of original music 
  • Featured in the Top 10 Christian Music Albums of 2016  
  • Resident worship artist on "The Sessions" the #1 international Women's Talk Show
  • Performed on world stages of over 20,000 people
  • Music is most noted for bringing peace and healing
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 I LOVE AUTHENTICITY! I'm an independent artist WITHOUT a label to push my music for me. Music Labels will often change songs to what they believe will make them an extra dollar. So I've fought to maintain the integrity to what I believe the LORD has given me to create for you by staying as an independent artist. 
 My music has the power to transform and change lives by bringing them into encounter with the LORD, so it's my mission to get it out to as many people as possible.
 With the increasing rise of anxiety and depression, it is my mission to bring peace and healing to those who are plagued by this.
  What LISTENERS Are Saying
...your worship brought peace to my hurting heart
I was going through a season of grieving when my loved one passed away. Your worship brought great peace to my hurting heart because I know that even in my pain, I can trust God's leadership.
...I can lose myself in God's love
I have your worship playing as I am writing college papers, and its good to have fresh worship breaks where I can lose myself in God's love, and you really help usher that in.
...every word you sang was lifting my downcast soul
I was feeling a lot of  heavy disappointment and discouragement but every word you sang in worship was lifting my downcast soul.
...you set the atmosphere for a lot of creativity
Christina's vocal style has a smooth yet natural jazz feel to it. Very Unique. Her worship is so genuine and transparent. I feel like I'm in her living room and been invited to engage in an intimate corporate worship experience.
...your music makes a difference
I was hit by a drunk driver awhile ago and most of my days were spent in pain and bed rest. I would listen to your worship music and praise God as well. Your music makes a difference.
...she has been one of my favorites
Ever since I first heard Christina leading worship she has been one of my favorites. Her beautiful voice combined with her authentic, personal lyrics, and light jazz arrangements makes my heart sing."
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