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We live in culture where anxiety has become one of the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million people in the United States, and that's just for people 18 and over! It's become an epidemic, and something that I believe the next generation is going to have to battle in an even greater level. I have personally wrestled on and off with anxiety and have also seen the ravaging effects of it in the lives of many others around me. At the end of the day, anxiety robs us of joy and peace. Anxiety steals from our ability to rest and believe in the promises of God. What we don't realize is that anxiety not only affects us, but affects those we are in relationship. 

In my many years of worship leading in many different contexts and platforms, I've gotten hundreds of testimonies sharing how people have been set free from anxiety, depression, even insomnia, and finding healing in their emotions, specifically when I was singing the truth of the Word and expressing the heart of God in a Holy Spirit inspired moment. I have likewise experienced freedom when I was soaking in the presence of God in the context of live and Spirit led worship! We see it in the Bible, when King Saul found rest and ease of mind when David would play and worship in his midst. It's in this worship that our emotions are aligned with the goodness of God, we are reminded of God's mercy and faithfulness, hope is written on our hearts, and our faith is strengthened.

I want as many people as possible to have access to this type of live presence led worship. Music recorded and produced in a studio is wonderful but there is so much power when an authentic "moment" is captured. I believe that these worship "moments" can be even more impactful than music that is produced in a studio. 

So I've created a rich resource of Presence Driven - Holy Spirit Inspired - Live worship moments. Created and curated to bring you into peace and refuge that is found in the presence of God. Sanctuary Worship is a place to soak in the healing power of live worship moments; centered and rooted in the Word of God and led by the Holy Spirit. Featuring worship from myself and an AMAZING collective of worship leaders. Sanctuary worship will bring healing to your emotions, take you deep into the heart of God, and give you strength for spiritual victory on a daily basis.

  • International singer, songwriter, and worship leader
  • Recorded two albums of original music 
  • Featured in the Top 10 Worship Albums of 2016  
  • Performed on world stages of over 20,000 people
  • ​Millennial Voice on the #1 international Christian women's talk show
  • Music is most noted for bringing peace and healing

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...I can lose myself in God's love
When I listen to Sanctuary I can lose myself in God's love. Your worship is so genuine and transparent, that I feel like I'm in your living room.
...every word you sang was lifting my downcast soul
I was feeling very heavy with disappointment and discouragement but every word you sang lifted my downcast soul.
...I broke out of anxiety
The other day I couldn't stop my anxiety so I put on Volume 1 of Sanctuary and it helped me break out of that prison of anxiety and was filled with peace.
...great alternative to social media and Netflix
Instead of finding comfort or escape through social media and Netflix, this is such a great alternative! Not that those things are bad but Sanctuary actually brings lasting comfort.
...your worship brought peace to my hurting heart
I was going through a hard season of grief when my loved one passed away. Your worship brought a lot of peace to my hurting heart.
...people need this service!
People need this service! You are anointed for the breakthrough of peace!
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 "Secret Place" worship moments from amazing worship leaders
Peer behind the curtain of phenomenal worship leaders (known and unknown) and get a taste of their worship from the secret place. These are the hidden gems in the worship world. Those who have given their lives to cultivating a life of worship, rather than pursuing fame and money. These moments and songs are not available anywhere else.
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Christina has created two video series for you to enjoy. First, join Christina and her family as they share their lives in their very own reality family series "Real Life with the Reynolds".  Second, enjoy very real and raw "Candid Conversations" featuring amazing guests, inspiring stories, and honest conversation about important and real life topics that aren't normally addressed in the church.
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Most music services out there are using your money to support all kinds of things that you probably wouldn't want your money going to. When you join Sanctuary, you can take confidence knowing that your money is not only providing you with a great service but is supporting those serving in missions.   

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